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BioMet Toolbox
Bioinformatics & Metabolomics

The rapid expansion of systems biology has led to the development of a vast number of mathematical models and integrative strategies. Use of computational modeling has emerged as a powerful descriptive and predictive tool that allows the study of complex systems to investigate biological phenomena and represent the core of systems biology. The role of mathematical modeling and data integration is to generate testable hypothesis, design experiments and enrich the information content of experimental data.

The BioMet ToolBox, is a web-based resource for analysis of high-throughput data, together with methods for flux analysis (fluxomics) and integration of transcriptome data exploiting the capabilites of metabolic networks described in genome scale models. The BioMet ToolBox, also, includes genome scale metabolic models of various cell factories used both in industrial biotechnology and in fundamental research.

New version of BioMet ToolBox available